The Cosmic Dead - Cozmic Tape 1 (English Version)

Such an explicit title... For what we've got here is a real cosmic travel with this tape recorded by The Cosmic Dead, a Glasgow band releasing via German label Who Can You Trust?. Travel duration ? About an hour and only four tracks. The jam touch dominates all along the album and we get something really interesting though. Promising, actually. If music can be used as a healing, then here are some posology and for use instructions.


First of all, don't mean to listen to Cozmic Tape 1 while driving a long way, for instance : you could get caught with a positive result without taking anything. Or worse : getting really high and hallucinating by yourself. Yeah, music is that kind of shit. Somewhere between Acid Mother Temple, Bardo Bond and (kind of) Master Musicians Of Bukkake lies The Cosmic Dead, taking you to some psych adventure made out of impro, tortuous paths and rocking melodies proudly bass borne... Bass leads the music but drums support it brilliantly while guitars display the mood, the atmosphere. That's a little as if drums and bass spread the word while guitars gave some face expressions. And the result could be qualified as drone/doom/psych/krautrock/experimental. Sorta.

While a little long and repetitive, the thing manages to remain interesting and totally trippy. This album is rather to be prescribed coming with some waterpipe and friends time, some lonely moment laid down your bed with all the lights out or some meditation... In fact, it is really not advised for lounge time, appetizers or birthday parties. That would be totally pointless. But anyway, you'll find out the best of that Cozmic Tape in other situations.

Except a little too long ("The Black Rabbit", 18:58 and "Father Sky, Mother Earth", 39:59), those creations work; They really take you somewhere fascinating. And don't believe I hate long tracks (that's the right opposite) but those ones would need to be condensed and shrinked a tiny bit to keep the evocative power at its best. Here, it spreads too much out and loses part of its strength. Though the remaining one makes us travel far away outside and deep inside ourselves at the same time. Meditative ? Yes. Screwed up ? Sure.


As a summary, this life soundtrack works as a movie OST : who to imagine Godspeed in Big Mamma 2 ? Once again, don't mean to enjoy this tape in a sidetracked situation, you probably never will : the whole is too introspective to get shared in party or festive conditions. You'd better try headphone listening while walking or during a plane travel, just to add some examples to what written above.

Here is for the album ; and this would not fit to the gig impressions, I guess, for it promises to give something so furious : The Cosmic dead must be a must-see ! Don't miss them if they tour near your place.

No streaming this time (their Bandcamp page does it so well) but far better : a direct download link (click here. Yes, here. Right here. As I'm telling you. Do it, dammit)... And if you enjoy it, feel free to buy it. or to watch them live. Or both. Seems like artists pretty appreciate it.

The Cosmic Dead, Cozmic Tape 1, Who Can You Trust? Records, 2010

EDIT : New DDL link :


1. Le mercredi 17 août 2011, 14:55 par essay topics

As for me too long for one sound. It could became boring.

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